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Groundbreaking ICE Promised

ICE Totally Gaming Presents a ‘Global Paradice for a Global Industry’

Groundbreaking ICE Promised

ICE Totally Gaming will debut February 6-8 at the ExCeL Centre in London, and it promises to be a special time.

To start with, ICE will present the largest show floor ever. Clarion Gaming, the producer of the trade show, announced that the 2018 edition of the event will be the largest ever in terms of exhibit size, after the producer added 2,000 square meters of space to the exhibit floor of the ExCeL Centre.

That brings the total size of the ICE exhibit to 43,500 square meters, or 468,230 square feet. It is a 5 percent increase over 2017, and twice the size of ICE 2012, Clarion said.

The development represents the sixth consecutive year of growth for the London event.

“This is great news for gaming organizations who we know want a standout, flagship event that showcases the world’s leading innovators from every gaming vertical,” said Kate Chambers, managing director of Clarion Gaming. “By expanding our footprint in this way, I believe ICE London has underlined its status as the world’s capital for the international gaming industry.

“Our strategy, wherever we operate in the world, is to work with the industry to create events and opportunities that help meet its business objectives. The expansion of ICE has been driven by demand, and reflects the dynamics of the international market, which views London as the once-in-the-year opportunity to engage with a really significant and influential community of buyers and influencers, which in 2017 traveled to ICE from 151 jurisdictions.”

In addition to the square meters, ICE 2018 is welcoming visitors from a record number of countries. Exhibitors from a total of 62 sovereign states and gaming jurisdictions will participate in trade show and conference. The figure confirms ICE London as the most international B2B gaming technology event in the world, and the only one to provide visitors with a 360-degree perspective on the industry, said Chambers.

“We’ve worked extremely hard in partnership with our stakeholders to create an event that every gaming vertical feels a part of,” she said. “Events with a global exhibitor base, in turn, attract a global audience of buyers, a chemistry which explains why ICE London continues to grow.”

‘Consumer Protection Zone’

ICE London (Clarion plans new ICE events) will also include a “Consumer Protection Zone” that will focus on social responsibility initiatives.

“The zone will provide a focus for the social responsibility message and feature key organizations that are promoting social responsibility as well as a platform for presentations,” Chambers said. “The zone is the latest in a series of social responsibility initiatives undertaken by Clarion Gaming.”

Ewa Bakun, Clarion Gaming’s head of industry insight and engagement, said the zone represents Clarion’s commitment to the industry.

“Wherever Clarion operates, social responsibility is one of the most important topics, and that’s across both emergent and mature gaming markets,” she says. “Although we are not part of the operating community, we also have a responsibility to serve as a forum for discussion and knowledge exchange.”

“The Consumer Protection Zone is at an early stage of development, but I can confirm that we will be creating an agenda with demos and presentations from regulators, providers and operators.”

Payment Solutions

Another dedicated area new to ICE this year is the Payments Zone. With omni-channel gaming delivery systems, payments have become more complex over the years.

The ICE Payment Solutions Section will stretch over 4,000 square meters of space, and will provide a focal point for international visitors wanting to meet and engage with the key innovators and thought leaders in the sector.

“The purpose of ICE is to showcase and reflect the dominant trends in gaming, and payments is a case in point,” says Chambers. “We were approached by a number of leading players wanting to utilize ICE as a platform to reflect these innovations and to create a meeting point for all those international visitors with an interest in the latest technologies and advances. I am delighted that we have been able to respond to the needs of the industry in this way and I am confident the resource that we are putting behind the ICE Payment Solutions Section will be well received by visitors.”

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