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Grand Legacy

Ainsworth Game Technology

Grand Legacy

This new game on Ainsworth’s A-STAR Slant and A-STAR Dual cabinets offers a classic high-denomination stepper-style experience with a number of more modern extras.

The base game is a three-reel, nine-line game with 2X, 3X and 5X multipliers on screen overlays. Multipliers can be added together for wins up to 125 times the normal value. There are all the classic winning reel symbols, including single, double and triple bars, and four different-colored “7” combinations. Wins are greeted with a classic ringing bell.

The wild symbols consist of green, red and silver diamond symbols marked “Jackpot.” Landing three jackpot wild symbols on a pay line returns one of the corresponding progressive jackpots displayed in the top box, where the complete pay schedule is displayed much like the classic mechanical reel-spinners.

Mixed diamond wild symbols on a pay line return a progressive resetting at $975. Three green diamonds return a prize starting at $2,100. Three red diamonds return a progressive resetting at $4,500. Three silver diamonds on pay lines 1-4 return a prize resetting at $10,500. The Grand Prize is returned for three silver diamonds on pay lines 5-9. (Significant, since most similar slots only return the top prize on one pay line.) That resets at $30,000.

The reels also contain a “Triple Jackpot” symbol that triples the value of the progressive when it hits.

The game offers a chance at multiple jackpots when diamond combinations land on more than one pay line. The prize values are added together when that occurs.

Manufacturer: Ainsworth Game Technology
Platform: A-STAR
Format: Five-reel, nine-line video slot
Max Bet: 27, 45
Denomination: 1.00, 5.00, 10.00
Top Award: Progressive; $30,000 reset
Hit Frequency: Approximately 15%
Theoretical Hold: 4%-15%

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