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GlobalSuite v2.0


GlobalSuite v2.0

Casino Data Imaging just released version 2.0 of the user-friendly business intelligence tool GlobalSuite. The changes are an evolution, more than a revolution, and the updates make what was special about GlobalSuite even better.

The most noticeable change was the complete overhaul of the 3D models. Gone are the generic upright and slant slot machines. Now, there are more than 50 new slot machine and table models. The new models take the form of the actual machines for sale by the major slot manufacturers. They look like the real machines—IGT’s CrystalCurve Ultra has two beautifully curved screens in an elegant package; the massive Scientific Games TwinStar V75 stands out because of its imposing size and its gently sloping frame.

CDI says the new models not only look great, but they require very little graphical power to process. Most modern computers should have no problem rendering the floor, even without a graphics card.

The improvements to GlobalSuite continue through the floor visualization. One example is easier access for performance color coding of slot machines and tables. Predefined selections are now stored in templates, so users can quickly cycle from one analysis to the next.

UI updates were spread throughout the interface. The ribbon was populated by tiered dropdowns in version 1.0. To make the process more intuitive, version 2.0 removed all the dropdowns and replaced them with a pure ribbon, just like any Microsoft product. The buttons were also reorganized into the primary tasks with floor visualization: “Analysis” for daily tasks and “Layout” to update the map, etc. It’s straightforward and fast.

Many more changes were packed into this major update of GlobalSuite. Those updates all fall into two categories: making the product easier to use, such as the addition of templates; and making the software more approachable, with the complete remake of the 3D models. CDI has shown with version 2.0 they understand their customers and how they use the product. Casino Data Imaging’s commitment to frequent updates means the software will continue getting better every year.

CDI invites attendees to see their latest GlobalSuite developments at Booth 3659.

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