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GLOBAL GAMES 2009, Part XIII: Lightning Gaming

New Ground: A supplier of electronic table games breaks ground with a new licensed slot

GLOBAL GAMES 2009, Part XIII: Lightning Gaming

Most in the industry know Lightning Gaming as a producer of multi-player electronic table games like “Lightning Poker.” Welcome to “Lighting Slots.”

The supplier is using G2E to kick off a new line of single-player slot games. According to the company, 20 titles will be released at the show, but the most high-profile will be two versions of a game licensed from board-game king Hasbro-“Scrabble.”

Video Scrabble is a video bonus slot that involves playing the famous word game for money. There are no reels; the object is to form high0-scoring words using the official Scrabble tournament word list provided by Hasbro.

The player gets an initial draw of seven letter tiles. The best available word is highlighted, and the player has a choice of holding any of the seven letter tiles. A second draw is initiated, replacing any tiles not held. The highest-value word is again calculated, and the player is paid according to a pay table.

If all seven letters are used, a bonus game is initiated. The bonus screen displays a partially completed scrabble board, and players automatically draw seven additional letter tiles. The tiles automatically form the highest-possible-scoring word on the Scrabble board, and the letter scores are then translated into credits for the player.

(Scrabble Spin, the second game, will be unveiled at the show.)

“Video Scrabble will appeal to traditional casino patrons and casual gamers everywhere,” says Lighting Gaming CEO Brian Haveson. “Our first adaptation of Scrabble delivers engaging and entertaining game play, successfully translating the popularity of Scrabble to the casino industry.”

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