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Giving While Getting

Product: Everi Cares Giving Module Manufacturer: Everi Holdings

Giving While Getting

Socially conscious ticket redemption. It’s the Everi Cares Giving Module in a nutshell.

As the only offering of its kind available in the gaming space, the feature provides casino patrons with a platform to easily donate change from redeemed vouchers, and operators with a new avenue to promote corporate social responsibility and support their communities while lessening ticket abandonment and coins dispensed.

The Giving Module is a true pioneer in charitable giving through gaming voucher redemption, allowing patrons the option of donating the change from their voucher funds to pre-selected charities through the usual redemption process on an Everi full-service kiosk. Charities can be national or regional, giving casinos an opportunity to generate monies for their local communities and create goodwill.

This simple interface prompts patrons to donate to one or more charities after a voucher is inserted, accepted and fully redeemed through the kiosk. Displayed charities are chosen from a list of fully vetted charities that have been qualified as legitimate, good-standing organizations as recognized by the IRS to participate in and accept donations through the module.

Recently, Everi was recognized by the National Indian Gaming Association during the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention as Associate Member of the Year for the Everi Cares Giving Module, for the donation-driven change it has helped to foster for the Chickasaw Nation. The Chickasaw Nation has deployed the Giving Module at 19 of its properties to date.

On a national scale, more than 3 million donations have been made via the Giving Module, collecting more than $500,000 annually for local and national charities. More than 200 Everi kiosks throughout the U.S. are currently equipped with the module.

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