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GFL Bonusing Rewards


GFL Bonusing Rewards

2018 continues to be an important year for TCSJohnHuxley, as the company celebrates 45 years as the premier manufacturer and supplier of live table gaming products and services with a host of new innovations.

G2E sees some exciting new table game technologies which include a new addition to the Gaming Floor Live platform. GFL Bonusing Rewards features an innovative multi-level award system funded by the casino’s marketing budget that allows players to enjoy the excitement of winning jackpot prizes, without the need to place a separate side bet.

The progressive-style giveaways periodically and randomly award players placing bets on the current hand, who are automatically enrolled in the chance to win a prize. The awards can be configured by a percentage contribution based on the table minimum, and operators can decide how much of their monthly marketing budget they wish to give away by dividing the spend into various progressive pools. Depending on the pool levels, the prizes can be averaged to pay out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The system is extremely flexible, allowing operators the ability to change the contribution percentage of the table minimum during a campaign, should the need require.

Hardware requirements are minimal and no sensors or extra chips are necessary to take part. The only operational requirement is for the dealer to register players, via a dealer console. Players are confirmed as taking part, with the player position indicated on the display. Since there are no additional steps, game speed and player experience are not affected.

GFL Bonusing Rewards launched earlier this year, with the first installation at the Venetian Macao consisting of 170 tables, with more due to be rolled out at the operator’s other venues.

This adds to over a thousand tables they have already installed on the GFL Platform with the Optimisation module.

For more information, contact Tracy Cohen, director of marketing, at [email protected], or visit

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