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GAN Sports

Game Account Network (GAN) • Booth 3835

GAN Sports

The proprietary sports betting platform of Game Account Network, GAN Sports, creates a seamless plug-and-play experience for partners to launch their sportsbooks. Whether you’re entering into retail on-property, online, or both, GAN has the experience to successfully enact and configure the sportsbook product odds, lines and marketing activities to enable casinos to achieve their strategic and commercial goals.

The GAN platform allows partners to select if they’d like to manage risk on some or all sports or enable the GAN team of over 70 traders to do so on their behalf. Equally important, GAN Sports allows for localized pricing, allowing partners’ (or GAN’s) trading team to manage risk at the property level. This means that each property can control its pricing parameters down to the event level.

As the patent owner and market leader in this space, GAN provides partners a day-one fully integrated player account management solution, along with loyalty integration at both the retail and mobile/online levels. Fully scalable to meet each property’s unique needs, GAN’s kiosk-first approach allows its partners to launch and operate a sportsbook on-site without needing additional staff.

GAN’s highly configurable platform allows the company and its partners to make on-the-fly changes to provide product differentiation and meet constantly changing player, market and regulatory demands. GAN is not limited by the restraints of legacy systems that often inhibit the ambitions of brands when utilizing other sports betting suppliers.

GAN Sports’ primary goal is to provide the absolute best-in-class B2B sports betting product in the U.S. and Canada. GAN’s U.S.-based team constantly looks for ways to differentiate and innovate; this starts with its partners and their players.

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