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Gaming Arts

Influencing Slots with Social Media

Gaming Arts

In July, Gaming Arts launched a unique new slot game, Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More!, the flagship game of its new Pop’N Pays More! series of games which also includes Piñatas Olé and Big Top.

In addition to fascinating game play, what makes this game so unique is that Gaming Arts partnered with Brian Christopher, America’s No. 1 slot influencer, to design this innovative game that revolves around the Brian Christopher character.

The patent-pending Brian Christopher game, with 1,047 ways to win, features randomly expanding reels that increase up to eight symbols high and occur on a staggering 70 percent of all spins, producing maximum excitement and entertainment for players. At full expansion, there are 16,384 ways to win on every spin. In addition, a rapid free-game feature offers up to 15 free games with frequent retriggers plus fast-hitting progressives that can be configured with Gaming Arts’ exclusive Rocket Rollup mystery progressive for even more excitement.

For added entertainment throughout game play, Brian Christopher’s avatar pops up as cash-on-reels symbols, exclaiming his most popular catch phrases including “Oh Nelly!” after a big win, “Line it UP!” in anticipation of a winning spin, “Do it to it!,” “It’s all about timing!,” and “Rude” when a symbol lands just short of a combination.

With game placements beginning in Nevada, Arizona and Southern California, this unique slot has enjoyed massively successful launches. Christopher has made personal appearances at many locations with live- streaming videos, plus fans enjoy meeting him and taking photos. Gaming Arts plans to continue installing the new Pop’N Pays More! games at casinos throughout North America in the near future.

The collaboration between Brian Christopher and Gaming Arts is a home run, as Gaming Arts is an extremely inventive slot company with an acute understanding of and appreciation for how the rapidly evolving social media will influence gaming in the years to come. This is the first of many new games planned under this unique partnership.

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