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Game Parlay

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Game Parlay

Game Parlay represents the latest enhancement to Kambi’s market-leading capabilities in the field of in-event combinations, providing its partners’ customers with an unmatched degree of control over their sports betting experience.

Launched ahead of the 2021-22 NFL season and since expanded further across the likes of college football, NHL and MLB, the product is a game-changing development in sports wagering, enabling bettors to combine multiple main and player prop bets within the same game or across different games, leagues and sports.

Exponentially increasing the size of the menu and the scale of the betting options which bettors have at their disposal, the power under the hood required to offer this level of combinability across sports and interrelated outcomes—and in such a manner that placing these combinations is intuitive and accessible for the bettor—should not be understated.

Kambi’s award-winning Game Parlay product continues to lead the market in key areas such as multi-game capability and paybacks, and will soon be extended to NBA ahead of the new season, offering basketball enthusiasts the same level of product fans in other sports have come to appreciate.

To expand on Game Parlay’s capabilities, it’s worth emphasizing how significant the market’s reaction has been to the product.

Looking at the previous NFL season, Game Parlay accounted for approximately 25 percent of all pre-game bets during the regular season, rising to a third of pre-game bets in the postseason.

Alongside this, 40 percent of regular season Game Parlay bets featured more than one game, rising to 45 percent during the playoffs. During the Super Bowl, pre-game there were more Game Parlay bets placed than moneyline, spread and points combined. Meanwhile, 50 percent of pre-game bettors placed a Game Parlay on the Super Bowl and 31 percent of all pre-game bets were a Game Parlay.

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