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Game Changer

PRODUCT: Foundation • MANUFACTURER: Acres Manufacturing

Game Changer

Every decade or two, the gaming industry discovers something so monumental it creates a true paradigm shift. That moment is now. Acres Manufacturing is introducing a once-in-a- generation product called Foundation, enabling smartphone synchronization with slot machines and table games. The technology is the bellwether of the industry’s much-anticipated advance to cashless casino floors.

Foundation allows cashless transfers with any slot machine or table game on the floor. But that’s just the beginning. Foundation can also deploy real-time messages and bonuses to any player on command—either at the game or via the casino’s mobile app. This technology allows casinos to communicate, incentivize and pay bonuses to players whether they’re sitting at a slot machine or on their couch.

The system interfaces directly to the slot machine and extracts all information—up to 120 data points per spin—in real time. In total, Foundation collects over 1,000 times more data than any legacy player tracking system, and all data and data access is owned and controlled by the casino, which is itself a true game changer. Any other application or data source can be interfaced, with no interface fees or restrictions.

Foundation is so transformative it allows continued operation of the legacy system, even as its new benefits are deployed. Through a first-of-its kind technology called SAS-sharing, Foundation can actually serve as a pass-through device for the legacy system hardware. All meters will still report to the legacy system, which also retains its ability to implement bonuses and other functions.

Every day, people use smartphone technology to pay and receive funds. Foundation answers the demand for secure and convenient cashless interactions in the casino. Foundation delivers over 1,000 times more real-time data than current casino management systems while simultaneously providing a cashless, single-wallet solution to players via their own mobile device. This isn’t the future. This is now.

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