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Galaxy 'Andromeda' Approved in Washington

Table game system supplier Galaxy Gaming announced that the Washington State Gambling Commission has approved the company’s “Andromeda Series—Stage 1” bonus jackpot system.

Andromeda consists of two primary sub-systems: the Bet Tabulator System, which is used by casinos to detect and count the number and type of wagers players are making; and the TableVision System, which is an electronic display system used at each gaming table to exhibit payout odds, jackpots and bonuses. When the two sub-systems are used together, the Bonus Jackpot System permits casinos to offer substantial jackpots and creative bonusing schemes for their table game clientele.

The initial version of the Bonus Jackpot System was labeled the “Milky Way Series.” The primary difference between the Milky Way Series and the newly approved Andromeda Series is the communication between the gaming tables and the company’s data center, provided through a relationship with Amazon Web Services.

“Although our engineering team’s work has been complete on the Andromeda Series—Stage 1 since last year, we have been unable to install it into Washington’s casinos until we received formal approval from their gambling commission,” said Galaxy COO Bill O’Hara. “Now that we have approval, we are scheduling installation of Andromeda into select Washington casinos, to begin in as early as two weeks.”

Robert Saucier, Galaxy Gaming’s CEO, added, “The Andromeda Series will play an integral part in supporting our jackpot financing program, also known as the Inter-Casino Jackpot Network, which was interrupted by the commission’s staff in July. Although we have yet to gain their approval to reinstitute a modified version of this important program, we believe we are making continued progress and may be able to announce its return shortly. Therefore, we are pleased with the timing of their approval for our Andromeda Series.”

In other Galaxy Gaming news, the company announced it has expanded operations into Colorado. Isle of Capri’s Lady Luck Casino and the Ameristar Casino, both in Blackhawk, installed Galaxy’s Three Card Split and Buffalo Blackjack Bonus side bets, both recently approved for field trial by the Colorado Division of Gaming.

“Having just returned from Colorado, it was thrilling to experience such a warm and enthusiastic response from casino operators who were hungry for new table game products, and from a new table game supplier,” said Dean Barnett, regional sales manager for Galaxy Gaming. “Our initial game submissions were well received and I expect more of our games to be approved shortly, which, in turn, should result in additional placements.”

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