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G4 Organic Virtual Blackjack

Interblock Luxury Gaming Products

G4 Organic Virtual Blackjack

Interblock is premiering is latest multi-player table game, G4 Organic Virtual Blackjack. The company calls this newest product in the stylish Organic multi-player series “its crowning achievement and most attractive video table product on the market today.” (The Organic Virtual product is available for use with card games or a physical roulette wheel.) Virtual generators are totally independent and automated; they do not require any human assistance when simulating traditional table games.

According to Interblock management, the advantage of Organic generators in connection with play stations lies in the fact that the Organic Virtual series features multi-player generators. The outcome of each individual game is identical on all connected play stations. The final result of each hand, of course, depends on each player’s bets and decisions.

In blackjack mode, a maximum of six or seven players can participate at once. Each player gets his or her own cards, which are divided in a sequence of pre-shuffled cards. This ensures that two players cannot be given the same cards, and the advantage for the player is to decide how he individually wants to play the game without the influence of a decision by the other players on the table.

Manufacturer: Interblock
Platform: Organic Virtual
Format: Multi-player blackjack
Denomination: Configurable
Max Bet: Configurable
Top Award: Configurable
Theoretical Hold: Approximately 2%—5% (skill-based)

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