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Frugal Table Management

PRODUCT: Table management solution, MANUFACTURER: Gaming Partners International Corp.

Frugal Table Management

Las Vegas-based Gaming Partners International Corp. has introduced its improved table management system.

GPI manufactures low- and high-frequency RFID chip tags which, when embedded in gaming chips, allow a higher reading speed for sophisticated applications such as player tracking. In January GPI won the 2009 International Gaming Award for Best Technology Manufacturer at the International Gaming Expo in London, for its RFID table-top authenticator.

To “complete the tripod,” as GPI President and CEO Gerard Charlier puts it, the company offers software for both frequencies for casino currency control applications including automatic chip authentication, tracking and accounting at the cashier’s desk, the vaults, the pits and the tables.

The first table management system, TablesSolution, provides real-time table information on line for roulette and card games based on the chip float evolution, fills and credit, and the drop. For the drop, GPI introduced a new software module for the GPI drop box and a new bill validator made by JCM to integrate cash-related information into the system.

The second system in 2008 is a Texas hold’em poker-specific solution to automatically track the game and the pots for reliable reports. It measures and records clients’ bets, providing a database for the casino marketing department. Automatic bet recognition helps facilitate progressive and mystery jackpots for table games. GPI is working to release a Progressive Jackpot Texas Hold’em by the end of 2009’s second quarter.

According to Charlier, “RFID allows casinos to increase gaming tables’ profitability with the real croupiers, chips and cards necessary to produce the excitement the players are looking for.

“The idea came from one of our guys who used to be a dealer. With RFID, dealers can spend more time taking care of clients. Our technology allows the casino to run tables as efficiently as slots, and track customer information, too. It allows dealers to be dealers and focus on players.”

For more information, contact Justin Woodard at 702-598-2400 or by email at [email protected]

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