FreedomPlay Wireless Flashboard


Video King has introduced FreedomPlay, a customizable, wireless bingo flashboard, using state-of-the-art gaming technology. Touted as the next generation of digital flashboards, FreedomPlay is a cost-effective solution to traditional wallboards.

Ideal for multimedia presentations and promotions, FreedomPlay includes seven flashboard themes, dynamic imagery, flashing last number called, configurable layouts and other novel features, all designed to captivate the crowd. Easy to install, it includes software and a small device that plugs into each TV. Free from excess wiring, equipment and maintenance costs, it can be displayed as session bingo or Bonanza board, on any make, model, dimension and number of televisions, with an HDMI port, standard for video transmission.

“FreedomPlay offers our customers a whole new player experience, giving them the freedom to do what they want,” according to Peggy Hansen, Video King’s regional sales and bingo hall equipment manager. “The graphics, with better-quality animation, are a big portion of its appeal, offering a high-definition view of the board.”

Other unique features include spinning bingo cards, last 10 balls called, winner notifications and other fun elements, including “Champ,” the product’s canine mascot, who makes random appearances across the screen.

“For more variety, customers also have their choice of the following flashboard themes: Max Contrast, Inverted, Traditional, Classic, 5-Color, Flowers and Shamrocks—so they’re not locked into just one scenario,” she added. In addition, customers can add their own logos and scrolling message to display across the screen, whether promotions, daily specials or other important announcements, which can be edited in real time at the hall level.

FreedomPlay installs on all consoles, equipped with Video King’s PowerPlay software, meeting minimal requirements. It can also be hard-wired. Customers will provide their own TVs.

The total entertainment package, the FreedomPlay flashboards can also be used for TV programs, by switching the source input on the remote control, and/or for in-hall advertising and other forms of entertainment to generate more revenue for their hall.

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