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Four-In-One Compliance

Product: Casino Incident, Compliance and Licensing ManagementManufacturer: D3 Security Management Systems

Four-In-One Compliance

D3’s Casino ICM is a software system purpose-built to solve the security, compliance and licensing challenges of casinos. Consolidating incident management, compliance reporting, slot operations and licensing on a single user-friendly platform, Casino ICM eliminates manual processes, introduces significant time savings and serves multiple divisions through its user- and role-based access controls.

Launched by D3 in 2013 and now present in casinos throughout the U.S., the system delivers strengthened internal controls, powerful documentation ability and anti-money laundering compliance to a gaming industry hit hard by recent enforcements and extreme fines.

Web-based, fully configurable and tailored to the customer’s exact requirements, Casino ICM features four distinct modules:

Incident Management

Users can track excluded persons, drug and alcohol violations, advantage gambling, plus standard incidents such as slip-and-falls or physical altercations. Trending, root cause analysis and incident heat maps are built in, and the system’s fully integrated Guard Tour, Dispatch and GIA PSIM modules deploy counter-measures while ensuring optimal security coverage. 

Compliance Reporting

The D3 system’s configurability enables consistent data collection and the production of any number of reports. With pre-configured solutions for tribal, state and federal compliance—including for Title 31—the D3 system produces accurate and verifiable reports critical to a casino’s anti-money laundering strategy.

Slot Operations

Using D3’s mobile app for Apple’s iPhone (and iPad), slot technicians can manage slot upgrades, maintenance and inspections. The system automatically time-stamps and documents the work performed at each machine, in turn providing machine history, employee accountability and accurate compliance reporting.

Licensing Management

Effective management of employee, gaming, vendor, food and liquor service licenses is another feature of Casino ICM. Licenses and certificates are securely stored in the D3 database with automatic notifications to alert a department when an action—such as renewal—needs to be taken. The system integrates with active directory and asset management systems to further streamline record-keeping.

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