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Fortune Cup

Konami Gaming

Fortune Cup

Konami’s new take on the classic mechanical horse-race game—based on parent Konami Holdings’ successful arcade game—has a new generation of players crowding in to cheer with the same enthusiasm as the original casino racing game, the 1980s-era Sigma Derby (the new game stands side-by-side with one of the few remaining Sigma units at the D Las Vegas).

Konami applied its modern digital technology to the format—a miniature racetrack with players wagering on races by tiny jockeys at 10 slot-style player stations. Powered by Konami’s cross-platform game engine, the game features mechanical horses that move around the track to simulate the movements of real race horses.

The mechanical race is combined with real-time digital animation of the race on a large LCD monitor.

The 10 individualized betting stations are each equipped with a 27-inch intuitive HD touch-screen interface, displaying a betting screen that allows players to select different chip amounts and place them with participating horses for win, place (first- or second-place) or quinella bet (for the top two finishing horses). A period is provided prior to each race in which players can modify their bets by adding, doubling or deleting the wagers.

Between races, the primary betting screen also shows handicapping information—information on individual performance of the horses, rankings on an increasing scale, odds, running style and the five most recent race results.

When the race begins, players can watch the mechanical horses or the HD animation on either the large screen or the individual betting-station screen. There also is a progressive jackpot chance that is randomly initiated. Players are alerted to the horse which provides the chance at the jackpot, and if it wins, players who wagered on the horse can win one of four jackpot levels.

Finally, Fortune Cup can also can host up to 100 stations for a stadium-style play experience.

Manufacturer: Konami Gaming
Platform: Konami Cross-Platform Engine
Format: 10-player mechanical horse race
Denomination: .10, .25, .50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00
Max Bet: 1,499.90
Top Award: 149,900 credits
Theoretical Hold: -.01%-17%

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