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Featured Rewards

Product: BonusBoxSupplier: Gaming Support

Featured Rewards

BonusBox is an innovative and unique slot peripheral that directly touches customers and their individual experiences in a gaming property with a chamber mounted to the slot machine containing any number of physical prizes, from cash to jewelry to an iPhone. Casinos using BonusBox can pick the prize and the parameters for winning the prize.

Performance data from Europe, North America and Asia shows that BonusBox enhances the gaming experience for customers in ways customers really appreciate, with the net win commonly 30 percent or more due solely to BonusBox.

“The BonusBox is a truly innovative, unique and fun way to offer bonusing to our players,” says Donovan York, director of slot operations for Claran Hotel & Casino.

BonusBox connects to any slot, usually placed at the side. It is a very sturdy metal tube with a heavy-duty transparent door. Players can see what prizes are within each BonusBox. Each BonusBox is linked to its slot to “listen” to the meter data.

As casinos are increasingly cashless, BonusBox brings tangible prizes back to the gaming floor. Players relate directly to the prizes inside each BonusBox and immediately understand the very simple concept of BonusBox.

Casino One:
• 1-cent Konami machines, house average performers, good location on the floor
• $400 cash prize inside each BonusBox, with one prize awarded on bank of games per day
• BonusBox uniquely branded by property, which used the customizable features offered by BonusBox

Performance Casino One:
Coin-in increased: 30%
Net win per unit per day increased: 30%

Casino Two:
• 1-cent WMS machines, slightly below-house-average performers, good location on the floor
• $500 cash prize inside each BonusBox, with one prize awarded on bank of games per day
• Player card required to play, allowing for more detailed player analysis and segmentation

Performance Casino Two:
Coin-in increased: 80%
Net win per unit per day increased: 35%

Launched initially in Europe, BonusBox continues to gain traction with North American gaming operators. Recent installations include Route 66 Casino Hotel and Santa Claran Hotel & Casino in New Mexico, Cannery Casino and Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, and Royal Caribbean.

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