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Fast Recycle

Product: MEI SCR Banknote Recycler Manufacturer: Crane Payment Innovations

Fast Recycle

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) will be showcasing the new MEI SCR banknote recycler at G2E Booth 4747. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how the SCR makes payment transactions faster, easier and more secure than ever before.

The SCR combines the performance and reliability of SC Advance technology with the benefits of note recycling as part of a total cash management solution. As a single closed-loop system, the SCR accepts, accounts for and stores cash from one player to give as change to the next. This allows operators to pay out winnings completely, in higher-value notes, without worrying about issues like hopper starvation.

And by holding up to 60 notes on each of its two recycling drums, the SCR provides the capacity required for longer machine uptime, leading to an improved win per machine and, ultimately, lower operating costs. Note recycling also allows players to stay at the machine as opposed to using a coin changer, a trip that takes time away from play and also limits privacy.

The SCR is equipped with the same acceptor head as the one used by the proven SC note acceptor platform, of which there are more than 1.5 million units installed globally. The recycling drums utilize technology from MEI’s four-denomination BNR (bank note recycler) and single-denomination VNR (vending note recycler).

What makes the SCR unique among note recyclers are its security features. The SCR offers exceptional fraud defense and internal security controls. Its architecture includes a removable anti-stringing mechanism, as well as a specialized inventory management system that accurately tracks the number of notes going into and out of the machine. It also provides complete note accountability when powered down. Access to system components, when needed for maintenance, can be done without providing access to secured notes.

Novomatic is currently integrating the SCR into its new Giga Star cabinet. It will soon enter beta test in the German AWP market with the goal of being available for sale before the end of 2014.

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