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Fall Education Conferences: Applications Opening Soon

Don’t miss your chance to join Global Gaming’s Women’s Fall Educational Conferences.

Following the success of the Spring Educational Conferences, which saw over 76 attendees across three key programs, the fall series promises to be even more impactful. GGW provides four distinct programs designed to create an Educational Pyramid encompassing core curriculum, business skills, and personal growth. Unsure which program suits you best? Here’s an overview of the three offerings:

Level 1: Leadership Foundations

This impactful program comprises two full-day sessions specifically designed for women seeking foundational skills for career advancement. Serving as a stepping stone to further educational opportunities, Leadership Foundations concentrate on essential areas to establish strong leadership.

Eligibility Criteria: An individual contributor or someone new to a management role with less than two years experience in their current or a similar position.

Level 2: Leadership Development

This two-day program, tailored for managers and those newly appointed to director or senior management roles, aims to enhance participants’ management skills and foster leadership development.

Eligibility Criteria: Must be a manager or a newly appointed director, holding a current or similar position for at least three years. The candidate should oversee a shift or specific area of responsibility but not be the most senior position within their department.

Level 3: W Leadership

This exclusive educational opportunity is designed for women leaders holding senior-level responsibilities in their respective departments or organizations within the gaming and related industries. This 2.5-day conference will cover strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and advanced coaching skills.

Eligibility Criteria: Must be the most senior individual in their department, area of responsibility, or organization, with at least five years experience in their current or a similar role.

To Apply – visit and log into your GGW account or create a free account.

Global Gaming Women

Virtual Master Class

The GGW Virtual Master Class series is a member benefit that allows GGW members to stay connected, up their skills, and feel supported. These one-hour webinars are led by field experts on timely subjects and include a question-and-answer session. Members who are unable to attend the live session can view the recording anytime from the GGW website.

February 20: Falling in love with your calendar
March 19: LinkedIn as a marketing & networking tool
March 26: Women who advocate for DE&I
May 21: Susan Sotnick
June 18: Beth Walker
July 23: Cathryn Lai
August 20: Gina Rapaport
September 17: Lauren Westerfield
November 19: Rachel Kuhlen


GGW offers four separate programs that build an Educational Pyramid of core curriculum, business skills, and personal growth. Currently, our GGW Educational Opportunities are offered regionally throughout the United States. To learn more, visit the GGW website.


Foundations Conference: September 10-11 at River City Casino, St. Louis, Missouri
Leadership Conference: September 24-25 in Detroit, Michigan
W Conference: October 23-24 in Charles Town, West Virginia


October 9: Kick Up Your Heels
October 10: Sip & Social Networking

Global Gaming Women

About GGW
Global Gaming Women was created in 2011 as a development program by the American Gaming Association to nurture emerging female leaders in the gaming industry. Launched as an independent charitable organization in 2016, GGW delivers high-impact programs and events to women in the gaming industry. Today, GGW has over 7,000 active members and continues to offer educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and networking events globally.

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