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At G2E 2019, Gaming Arts will showcase its EZ Keno Kiosk, the world’s first self-service kiosk providing players with 24-hour convenience—enabling them to purchase and redeem keno tickets without visiting a cashier or waiting for a ticket collector.

While delivering an exceptional experience for the player, EZ Keno dramatically improves productivity for the gaming operator, delivering dramatic time and labor savings through its powerful self-service features.

Keno, one of the oldest and simplest of casino games, can be very expensive to operate, with keno runners, writers and support staff assigned to collect and process keno tickets. EZ Keno was designed to specifically address making keno an easier, more efficient and cost-effective solution for casinos by reducing labor costs and improving speed and efficiency.

The productivity-enhancement benefits of EZ Keno are extensive; primarily, casinos can more quickly complete the keno purchase and redemption process through the kiosk’s self-service benefits—speeding the process for players and greatly reducing labor costs.

Numerous innovative features for players include:

  • TITO functionality
  • Numerous quick-pick and side-bet betting options
  • Standard and way tickets with customizable bet amounts
  • Tickets with multiple preset patterns
  • Support for up to 16 different proprietary games
  • Flexible betting options such as multi-race tickets and future games
  • Support for progressive/linked games
  • Game paytable customization
  • Capable of replaying and recalling tickets
  • Simultaneous pay/replay options for all tickets
  • player support to check tickets anytime and anywhere

This sleek, eye-catching kiosk is constructed with safety, reliability and security in mind. Featuring dual screens for playing and displaying results, EZ Keno is elegantly engineered with a bill acceptor, card reader, ticket printer, TITO, an optical reader to check and verify winning tickets, and a beautifully designed body wrap to attract players.

With a 19-inch touch-screen display, 24-inch or 43-inch LED digital display, and dual amplified stereo speakers for superior sound quality, the player user experience is as good as it is functional, making Gaming Arts’ EZ Keno the ideal solution for any size of gaming operator looking to improve productivity and make the keno purchase and redemption process better while dramatically reducing labor costs.

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