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Eye in the Sky

Product: MAXPRO Video Management System, HD3MDIP camera; Manufacturer: Honeywell Security Group

Eye in the Sky

Product: MAXPRO Video Management System, HD3MDIP camera
Manufacturer: Honeywell Security Group

Honeywell Security plans to debut two of its newest products, the MAXPRO Video Management System and the HD3MDIP IP camera, at the World Game Protection Conference this month, and the company’s executives say the new additions to Honeywell’s product line will help advance the surveillance field into the future.

The MAXPRO VMS provides a common interface from which to manage multiple video streams, using client-server architecture and customization to integrate video surveillance equipment on one platform. Honeywell’s latest video management system has been deployed at the Las Vegas Strip’s newest resort complex, MGM Mirage’s CityCenter.

“(MAXPRO) allows you to integrate a variety of subsystems,” says Mike Harvey, Honeywell’s senior video marketing manager. “People might have a video system and a Pro-Watch access control system they might want to integrate, or they might have a mixed and matched set of video recorders and video operating systems, and that requires these operators to switch between these multiple systems, whereas when you use our top box, now the operators have one interface, and they can look at, operate and control all these subsystems from a single location.”

For casino operators who have invested in pan-tilt-zoom cameras and are migrating to IP cameras, MAXPRO allows continuing use of analog equipment while also incorporating digital elements within a single application.

“This provides a smooth migration from older legacy systems; it allows you to expand the digital side while still maintaining all of your control on the analog side,” says Marek Robinson, Honeywell’s video systems sales manager for the West Coast.

The HD3MDIP indoor fixed mini-dome IP camera provides 720p, high-definition video streams that provide an increased resolution compared to that of an analog camera, yet the camera is able to compress the video, so it requires the same amount of storage space that an analog stream would require.

The HD3MDIP removes noise from its images using digital noise reduction and 2D edge enhancement, which is useful in casino environments where low lighting conditions-particularly over table games-typically create noise.

The HD3MDIP camera has been installed in CityCenter.

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