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Epic Edge

TransAct Technologies • Booth 2423

Epic Edge

TransAct’s Epic Edge is an award-winning casino and gaming ticket in/ticket out (TITO) printer chosen by operators worldwide.

The best-in-class printer boasts an unsurpassed 300 dpi resolution for maximum ticket appearance, readability and acceptance by bill validators. And the ability to produce razor-sharp barcodes and promotional graphics is just the beginning of its robust feature set. 

For starters, the Epic Edge is the only printer on the market that supports micro-SD card updates and graphic downloads. This means operators no longer need to carry laptops onto the casino floor or lose earnings by powering down machines.

Even swapping printers is a breeze for operators. The outer chassis’ game connection stays intact during the swap to minimize downtime while a printer is replaced. No powering down the game required. The Epic Edge is also fully equipped with USB and serial connections onto a single board. The dual interfaces are an operator favorite as just one printer supports the full range of new and legacy games, reducing the need for excess printer inventory.

For operators with eco-friendly initiatives, the Epic Edge features an adjustable ticket bucket that supports paper-saving, smaller-sized tickets. Further reducing paper waste, TransAct’s Ticketburst technology prints and bursts each ticket before presenting the ticket to the player. This eliminates player interference, ensuring a jam-free transaction and maximum uptime.

The most innovative and sought-after printer on the market is backed by TransAct’s expert team that delivers world-class support, staff training and maintenance options to make for an easy transition to the switch to Epic Edge printers on the casino floor.

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