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Entrepreneurial Gamble

Jai Maw, Co-founder & President, Betting Hero

Entrepreneurial Gamble

Jai Maw, the co-founder and president of Betting Hero, stands as a prominent figure in the sports betting and iGaming industry. Betting Hero is renowned for its expertise in customer acquisition, retention and development, boasting over 10 million in-person interactions and delivering more than 500,000 new depositing customers to its partners. The firm operates through three complementary business units—Betting Hero Activation, Betting Hero Research, and Betting Hero Digital—all dedicated to enhancing the mobile betting experience for users.

Originally from England, Maw’s journey to success began when he moved to the U.S. in 2010 on a soccer scholarship at Davenport University. His career took a notable turn after college, starting at Judson Group, a boutique executive search firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There, he quickly ascended to become one of the youngest top-performing executive search consultants in the company’s nationwide network.

Despite his rising career, Maw sought further challenges and growth, leading him to join Gartner, Inc. as a strategic account executive. His exceptional performance at Gartner saw him earning the Winner’s Circle achievement in record time, underscoring his knack for exceeding expectations.

Maw’s entrepreneurial journey took shape alongside his mentor and eventual collaborator Jeremy Jakary. The duo founded Betting Hero, identifying and filling a niche in the sports betting market. Their venture, driven by a shared vision and relentless ambition, quickly transformed from a side business to a full-time endeavor within a year, demonstrating their commitment and strategic foresight.

Reflecting on his career, Maw acknowledges the challenges of overcoming doubt and the satisfaction of proving skeptics wrong. He credits his success to a blend of confidence, defiance, and persistence towards excellence. Maw highlights the crucial role of mentorship in his journey, particularly his partnership with Jakary, emphasizing the importance of selflessness and investment in mentor-mentee relationships.

Maw’s career is marked by bold decisions and strategic risks, including leaving a promising position at his first employer to pursue broader opportunities. This decision significantly propelled his career and personal growth, affirming his belief in betting on oneself.

For young professionals aspiring to climb the corporate ladder, Maw advises, “Disregard age as a barrier, identify and pursue from your greatest motivator, and make sure to give back as much as you receive.”

His journey exemplifies the power of ambition and of strategic risk-taking, as well as the impact of meaningful mentorships in achieving professional success and contributing to the industry’s evolution.