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Entrepreneur from a Young Age

Amy Jiang, Vice President, Velvix

Entrepreneur from a Young Age

Amy Jiang has an incredible story of exceptional growth, motivation, and incredible success within the gaming industry. Having over 17 years of experience within the industry, Jiang began working at Aristocrat after graduating from the University of Newcastle in 2006, but her entrepreneurial life began long before that.

While she was at the university, she began a business selling children’s clothing at a booth in a local shopping center, as just a freshman in college. Her business development skills would later be exemplified in her time at Aristocrat, at her gaming company, Luckyo, and in her current position as vice president of Velvix.

Jiang was one of only eight chosen for the Aristocrat Graduate Program in 2006, and began a rotational program where she got foresight into different areas of the business. Beginning in product marketing, she then settled into global insights, and research & development. Following the acquisition of Ace Interactive, Jiang began traveling across the world to work with the new components of the business. Becoming immersed in new areas such as mergers and acquisitions, she then became the alliance manager of strategy and business development.

In 2012, Aristocrat acquired Product Madness, where she spent time working on their first social casino app, Heart of Vegas. She left Aristocrat in 2014 to start her own company. With her background in both land-based and iGaming, she secured venture capital funding and started on her new adventure as CEO of her company, Luckyo, Inc., at only 30 years old. Over the next five years, she grew the company into a thriving global games studio and mobile business that was later acquired in 2019.

After Jiang’s company was acquired, she joined XSGroup. With her extensive background, she came back to strategy work, with the intention of helping to expand and grow Velvix.

She now manages a team of over 500 employees and has been pivotal in Velvix’s growth. With her extensive background and knowledge in business development and strategy, she continues to lead and foster growth in those around her. In an article released by Velvix regarding her nomination, she mentions, “It is an honor to be listed as an Emerging Leader by GGB and The Innovation Group. I am excited to see the list of my colleagues who have accomplished so much in the gaming industry in such a short period of time. I will admit that launching a new company has its significant challenges. However, the support of XSGroup, our team, industry colleagues, and our clients has made it incredibly exciting and rewarding.”

Looking forward to the future, she also noted, “I look forward to continued innovation across our industry and here at Velvix.”

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