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Ensuring Accountability

Product: Host VIP! Manufacturer: Tech Results

Las Vegas-based software company Tech Results develops and sells business intelligence and customer relationship management software for the gaming industry. The company recently released the newest version of its host management application, Host VIP!

The program enables a gaming establishment to ensure host accountability while creating a more reliable hosted player management system, eliminating the need for the “little black book.” Host VIP! puts real-time player information in the hands of those who need it most: the hosts.

Because the application was developed by former gaming industry employees, the system is easy for other casino employees to use. Using the software, hosts can find new players who meet trend requirements for hosting, and are able to harness the ability to act on information immediately. The application’s dashboards provide immediate, critical information so problems can be addressed appropriately in a matter of seconds.

Host VIP! also boasts a report scheduling engine to automatically send out reports. Additionally, hosts can upload player photos to ensure property-wide visibility. The newest release of Host VIP! will give player development professionals the tools to quickly and effectively cater to hosted players.

Other features include easy-to-navigate dashboards that are collapsible and moveable; a search function to find players by basic information, worth, events and history (and users can save and view previous player searches); and a player’s trip details.

Users can take host management even further with Host VIP!’s mobile application, “Agile Host.” The mobile application runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 and delivers real-time player information and notifications directly to a hand-held device. With the device, hosts can search for players, print comps to network printers, issue comps, redeem offers and see a complete guest profile—or just view the high points.

For more information about Host VIP! and the Tech Results BI/CRM solution suite of products, call 1-888-587-7253 or visit

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