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Enhancing Table Productivity

PRODUCT: i-Deal Single Deck Specialty Shuffler MANUFACTURER: Shuffle Master Inc.

Enhancing Table Productivity

Las Vegas-based Shuffle Master, Inc. has been steadily rolling out its third-generation single-deck shuffler, the i-Deal, to positive reviews.   

The i-Deal was developed to enhance table game productivity, profitability and security. Shuffle Master says that it delivers a completely random, non-trackable shuffle and shuffles cards 25 percent faster than any other single-deck shuffler on the market.

Its speed and design are based on several unique features, including its flush-mount load and unload ports and its rotary card wheel that rapidly delivers pre-shuffled hands while shuffling a second deck of cards. It also features optical card recognition that reads the rank and suit of each card for hand reconstruction and winning payout verification, and self-diagnostic capabilities that detect performance issues and notify the appropriate person before becoming a problem, which reduces or eliminates potential downtime.

Its first international installation was at the Cool Casino in Aruba, where operators gave very positive reviews. It’s now in the process of being introduced at all remaining Shuffle Master territories. The i-Deal has impressed operators at demonstrations with its range of functions, including its speed, hand recall and sort functions.

“Customer reaction to the i-Deal has been tremendous: at every demonstration our customers have immediately recognized the extra value an i-Deal shuffler brings to their bottom line, both in time-saving and security,” said Shuffler Product Manager Colin Helsen.

With rollouts planned throughout North America, and dozens of installs already completed in California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma and Florida, Shuffle Master has verified that there are currently more installations pending.

For more information, call Shuffle Master at 702-897-7150, or visit the company’s website at

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