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Engaging Players

PRODUCT: FUZE Player Engagement Tools • MANUFACTURER: Bragg Gaming

Engaging Players

Bragg Gaming now offers FUZE, the sophisticated suite of player engagement tools for iGaming. Designed and developed by Bragg’s wholly owned subsidiary Oryx Gaming, FUZE is a state-of-the-art set of gamification and engagement tools, designed to enhance the player experience, boost online casino operator KPIs, and increase player lifetime value (LTV), all from a single platform.

FUZE comprises a player engagement suite that includes tailor-made activities, tournaments and other events to engage players or longer sessions, increase player acquisition and retention, and maximize LTV. The suite includes:

  • Tournaments with real-time leaderboards: multiple types of tournaments to target specific types of players, offering a diverse array of entertainment and engagement features. Real-time leaderboards add a social dimension to regular online casino play with dynamic competition campaigns, boosting engagement and increasing game play.
  • Quests: tailor-made player journeys keep players entertained while completing challenges and hunting for prizes.
  • Mystery Jackpots: an innovative approach to progressive jackpots that adds excitement and provides additional winning possibilities.
  • Achievements: personalized player engagement through gamification.
  • Opt-in Tournaments: transparent and consent-minded approach to promotional competitions.
  • Recommendation Engine: customized game suggestions based on the player’s interest patterns.
  • Real-time CRM Campaign System: awards player persistence and loyalty in real-time. Operators can automatically trigger a reaction to players’ online activity and offer tailored promotions based on their actions, ensuring maximum player engagement and experience.
  • Free Rounds: promote or revive games by letting the players get acquainted with them through an already-accomplished promotion tool.
  • Promo Push: send push notifications to keep players informed and engaged within the game or on the website.

FUZE player engagement tools light up online casino promotion KPIs, with proven results during a case study promotion showing up to a 306 percent increase in bets, a 272 percent increase in game rounds, and a 239 percent increase in the number of players.

However, results after the case study promotion have shown even more impressive long-range effect of a 364 percent increase in bets, a 288 percent increase in game rounds, a 288 percent increase in the number of players, up to three times higher traffic at game launch and up to 10 times more returning players.

The FUZE player engagement platform is easy to set up and configure and requires no additional integration. FUZE is powered by the Oryx Data Analytics Platform (DAP) where real-time data is collected and processed.

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