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End of an Era for Las Vegas Law Firm

End of an Era for Las Vegas Law Firm

In a town where capriciousness is ingrained into business more than nearly anywhere else, it’s rather remarkable to see something last several years, let alone 47 of them. Unfortunately, the 47th will mark the last for Lionel Sawyer & Collins, which predates most Las Vegas casinos.

Sam Lionel, 95, and former Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer co-founded the powerful and politically connected firm, which was among the first Las Vegas law firms to open an office in Reno. At one time, the firm had 50 lawyers, the most in the state, spread out over Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City, but it has seen its roster shrink to just 35 lawyers.

Dennis Kennedy, a former Las Vegas lawyer who was with the law firm from 1975 to 2006, said, “If there ever was a Nevada legacy law firm, this is it.”

Just some of the attorneys who have worked for Lionel Sawyer & Collins down through the years include the legendary Bob Faiss, Tony Cabot, Ellen Whittemore, Mark Clayton, Paul Larson, Harvey Whittemore and J. Brin Gibson.

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