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Elektroncek Installs Player Displays

Slovenia’s Elektroncek, manufacturer of the Interblock brand of auto-roulette and other automated table games, announced that it has successfully installed three of its Player Information Displays, or PIDs, at the Kongo Hotel & Casino in Grosuplje, Slovenia.

PIDs provide detailed statistics of game results on electro-mechanical automated roulette machines, providing players statistics of the previous 200 games. The displays are also configurable to add the table name, and the minimum and maximum bets.

“In Kongo, we decided to install PIDs mainly to increase the visibility of the electro-mechanical roulettes on the floor of the casino, and to provide detailed statistics of the games in progress, thereby allowing increased transparency for players,” said ?iga Kvas, casino manager at Kongo Hotel & Casino. “Important emphasis is to attract players to the electro-mechanical roulettes, both existing roulette players and those who normally play slot machines. At the same time, PIDs improve the player’s knowledge of the game and provide statistical data to hold the player’s interest.

“Since installing the PIDs we have already seen increased player traffic on the electro-mechanical roulettes through higher coin-in and occupancy and, of course, improved profit.”

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