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Electronic Innovation

Product: eReady gaming table, Manufacturer: GPI Gaming

Electronic Innovation

Product: eReady gaming table
Manufacturer: GPI Gaming

As the gaming floor becomes more and more sophisticated in efforts toward increased efficiency and security, including the growing use of RFID technology for chip verification and tracking, gaming tables have become inundated with electronic equipment such as shufflers, RFID readers and display monitors. All of this electronic equipment in one small space has the potential to create issues such

as equipment overheating, wireless signals interfering and a tangle of cables. Gaming Partners International’s eReady gaming tables are designed and built especially to accommodate the electronic equipment that is increasingly required on gaming tables. Drawing upon its extensive experience in manufacturing high-end gaming furniture, as well as its pioneering efforts in developing and implementing RFID technology on table games, GPI has developed an innovative and unique design that allows the electronic equipment to perform at its fullest potential, while maintaining the beauty and function of the gaming tables.

The eReady table combines GPI’s custom-built, hand-crafted gaming tables with a unique internal design that is tailored to accommodate each casino’s equipment requirements. The eReady tables are designed with a unique form factor,some of which includes specially built
areas for shufflers and bill validators to be securely and ergonomically placed for dealer convenience and comfort.

This new design also includes ventilation openings throughout the table to allow for increased ventilation and cooling of the electronic equipment.

To accommodate the different types of cables associated with the equipment, such as electrical, network and RFID cables, the eReady table is built with a unique system of piping and conduit inside the table base wall to separate and insulate each type. As RFID wiring can be very sensitive and easily pick up disturbances from AC sources or other cables, the eReady table also contains routing grooves under the tabletop that are coated with specially formulated shielding paint to eliminate disturbances and protect these cables. The tabletop is also coated with this shielding paint to ensure the elimination of signal interference with the RFID transmitters.

GPI’s eReady table will not only present an optimal environment for electronics on casino table games; it will provide for an efficient and more convenient table for casino personnel.

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