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Dynamic Screens

Product: Ambiance BoosterManufacturer: Casino+

Dynamic Screens

The Ambiance Booster from Belgian supplier Casino+ is a self-contained module that can be used to convert idle gaming machine screens into dynamic and informative display surfaces.

The plug-and-play product utilizes a simple PC to control the content that will be shown on the gaming machine’s display screen. A separate system card is installed in each machine, and switches the display screen signal between the game feed originating within the EGM and the video or other content from the Ambiance Booster system PC.

A sensor is mounted in the cash box of each gaming machine. When a guest approaches the vicinity of the machine, the sensor triggers the switchover from the non-game content coming from the booster feed back to the actual game screen. If the person is just passing by, the system will switch back to displaying the booster content. The parameters that determine the time between no sensed activity and the switching back to the booster content can be set by the user.

The Ambiance Booster can be used to combine external LCD screens and gaming machine monitors to create a repeated, and thus amplified, image or message. An important jackpot can be displayed on every machine in a section or the entire casino floor. Promotional messages and information on specific in-house offers can be continuously presented to the potential client.

To create a specific mood or theme, all gaming machine display screens can be playing the same music video or other visually attractive content. Or, to generate revenue from idle slot machines, an operator could even sell advertising to run on the gaming machine screens.

Casino+ is a new sister company to Belgian Gaming Technology, which has been supplying the casino industry for the last 25 years. As is BGT, Casino+ is headed by Johan de Temmerman.

For more information on the Ambiance Booster, contact Casino+ at [email protected] or go to the company website at