Enabling Revenue Strategy for Casinos

The gaming industry’s rapid change is only accelerating, as licenses spread to more markets and new guests are drawn to casinos by legalized sports betting, esports or bold-faced names in entertainment and dining. Duetto’s growing suite of cloud-based revenue strategy solutions helps casinos address this complexity by incorporating sources of dynamic data and predictive analytics into properties’ pricing structures, reinvestment decisions and direct marketing campaigns.

Casinos, both commercial and tribal, will find themselves left behind if their technology and strategies can’t keep up with today’s gaming consumer. To maximize the earning potential of their properties, they can’t just fill the house with comped guests and track the revenue coming off only the gaming floor.

For example, a whole new segment of visitors might stay on property for the first time and not even step foot on the gaming floor. But if one of those guests is willing to spend $1,000 across your restaurants, spa and retail outlets, he or she deserves some level of reinvestment. The casino’s revenue managers can work with player development, operations and digital marketing—all from a unified source of data—to make these decisions collaboratively, doing right by all guests, whether they gamble or not.

This casino revenue strategy is fundamental to Duetto’s flagship open pricing application, GameChanger. The company’s portfolio of cloud solutions goes beyond pricing, however, to include its intelligent reporting application, ScoreBoard. Duetto’s app for optimizing group and non-contracted business, BlockBuster, is available for casinos, as is PlayMaker, the solution bringing true personalization to the booking process for the gaming industry.

Finally, Duetto’s Find My Rate app makes the front desk and call center far more efficient by enabling them to search for player information with the push of a button and immediately receive the optimal room rate—for the guest and for the casino’s profitability.

Casinos can leverage Duetto’s solutions to forecast demand for each of their segments and yield group and transient rooms at the right price with the right comp criteria and reinvestment rates.

Visit Duetto at Booth 4000 during G2E to find out more and to get a live demonstration of all the company’s applications.

For more information, visit DuettoCloud.com/casino.

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