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Dragon's Lair

Cadillac Jack

Dragon's Lair

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000231 EndHTML:0000007910 StartFragment:0000002677 EndFragment:0000007874 SourceURL:file:///Users/sarahnichols/Desktop/GGB%20Magazine%20For%20Web/GGB%202013/July%202013/edit%20july%20ggb/NGR0713.doc This game celebrates the 30th anniversary of the original video arcade game Dragon’s Lair, with a multi-bonus slot version of the legendary game.

Dragon’s Lair wraps the theme of the classic game into several bonus features and a four-level progressive jackpot. The game features new and original animation by Dragon Lair’s animator Don Bluth. The video slot, a five-reel 40-line game, follows the game’s intrepid hero, Dirk the Daring, as he encounters multiple challenges (bonus games) in his attempt to rescue Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe, who has locked the princess in the foul wizard Mordroc’s castle.

Bonus features include “Symbols Stacking,” a feature in which stacked symbols create a win that triggers video from the original arcade game; “Mystery Wild Substitution,” in which the Dirk or Singe character appears to add mystery wild symbols to the reels, up to entire wild reels; the “Mystery Multiplier Feature,” in which multipliers appear to increase pays for winning combinations; and four Dragon’s Lair-themed bonus events.

The Dragon’s Lair bonuses include two picking events—”Forge Pick” and “Robot Knight Pick”—and two free-spin bonuses. The four progressive jackpots are tied to line combinations involving four different characters from the arcade game.

Manufacturer: Cadillac Jack
Platform: Genesis 2
Format: Five-reel, 40-line video slot
Denomination: .01—25.00
Max Bet: 200 (configurable)
Top Award: Progressive; $5,000 Class II reset; $2,500 Class III reset
Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%
Theoretical Hold: 5%—14%