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Distilling Data Quickly

PRODUCT: Hospitality Analytics 2.0MANUFACTURER: Agilysys

Distilling Data Quickly

Agilysys, a Boca Raton, Florida-based provider of IT solutions, has rolled out a second-generation solution for distilling transactional data from various parts of the hospitality operation.

Such data, including historical reporting and daily audits, is vital to optimizing business processes. However, multiple data sources create mountains of statistics, making managing, evaluating and processing the information an uphill climb.

Agilysys has introduced the Hospitality Analytics Solution, a made-for-hospitality business intelligence solution and a new breed of data management software. It consolidates data from different systems and multiple locations into a single, integrated store for reporting, auditing and predictive analysis.

Hospitality Analytics 2.0 was designed with an open framework using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. It interfaces with existing systems, extracting data directly from each to deliver a single, integrated portal for reporting and analysis.

Operators can create standard and custom reports in minutes for fact-based decision-making. Predictive analytics help predict customer satisfaction, a casino’s largest areas of profit and the most likely areas for employee theft.

For example, a food and beverage director buys software that provides detailed customer information so the hotel can offer customized guest service. This tool allows the operator to predict which customers are the most profitable, and which the operator might be in danger of losing.

Using Analytics, the F&B director can track each customer’s spending habits and preferences. The data also shows when a customer spends more or less than usual, while factoring in the season or weather conditions. Using predictive analytics, the director of F&B can manage each guest’s experience by suggesting specific services.

Hospitality Analytics helps hospitality providers leverage data into an important business asset, make fact-based decisions and capitalize on revenue opportunities. It also removes the multitude of manual reports and spreadsheets-many of which contain errors, omissions or duplicate information-from the organization. Reports are up to date and can be saved as private or public or published as a dashboard for review by others.

Analytics works with the InfoGenesis POS solution and the Stratton Warren System inventory and procurement solution by Agilysys. For more information, call 1-800-24108768, e-mail or visit

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