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Diamond Blaze

Everi Holdings

Diamond Blaze

This game features a classic theme under the Hot Stuff brand, presented in two different formats—Diamond Blaze, a five-reel, 40-line version; and Diamond Blaze 9 Reel, a nine-reel version presented in a three-by-three reel array.

Each is available on the new Renegade 3600 sign package, which features the huge “Hot Stuff Bonus Reels,” a giant overhead three-reel game that can lead to one of five progressive jackpots. The Renegade 3600 consists of three 43-inch, convex curved monitors linked to the base game’s computer to deliver a bonus event wrapped around a celebratory light show with booming sound.

The base games are traditional slot games with multiplying wild symbols. Reel symbols are various 7 symbols, bars and special bonus and diamond symbols. Winning combinations can occur with 2X, 3X or 5X wild symbols. The multiplier amounts on different wild symbols in a winning combinations multiply together to increase jackpots.

The overhead progressive bonus carries the theme and images of Warren Kremer’s Hot Stuff the Little Devil comic book character. When linked to the Renegade 3600 package, bonus symbols are scattered on three reels of the base game. Landing scattered bonus symbols on three reels awards seven free spins on the giant top reels. On the 9 Reel version of the game, progressives are awarded for five mixed wild symbols, or five same-colored wild symbols. There are three different colors, with five red 2X wilds returning a progressive resetting at $1,000.

The top progressive, for five Hot Stuff symbols, resets at $100,000 or $200,000.

Manufacturer: Everi Holdings
Platform: Core HDX
Format: Five-reel, 40-line or nine-reel, 40-line video slot
Denomination: .01, .02, .03, .05, .10, .25, .50, 1.00
Max Bet: 300
Top Award: Progressive; $100,00 or $200,000 reset
Hit Frequency: 38.41%
Theoretical Hold: 2%-15%