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PRODUCT:Fantasy Sports MANUFACTURER: BetConstruct

The Fantasy Sports software suite from BetConstruct has grown greatly in popularity over the past year. For the U.S. market, BetConstruct developed the Fantasy Sports product with its dedicated tools, plus a high-level in-house CMS and CRM.

For easy operation management, Fantasy Sports features fully specified requirements for the U.S. daily fantasy sports market, with software covering all U.S.-based leagues. BetConstruct’s latest Fantasy Sports software release includes all the minor and major features of daily fantasy sports. Major updates are related to the lineup, creation flow and contest types. In addition, several sections of exploring fantasy statistics have been added.

New contest types include:

  1. Express classic
  • Salary cap: 50,000
  • No captain for any sports.
  • In case the number of positions for particular sport is below five, the user can select two players of any position, and one player of the rest of the positions. If the number of positions for particular sports is above five, the user can select one player of each position.
  • In case the number of matches in the contest is two or more, the user can select a maximum of two players from each team. If there is one match in the contest, the user can select a maximum of three players from each team.
  1. Express pick ‘em
  • The user should select one player from each tier.
  • Number of tiers: 5
  1. Fantasy heroes
  • No restrictions at all; the user should select three players that he roots the most for.

Experts in the fantasy sports industry announced the results of survey in the FSGA 2019 that one in five Americans participate in fantasy sports.

BetConstruct’s offering is a fully functional package for the operators to start their online fantasy sports business from every continent. The company updates all fantasy software to have a worldwide scalability to deliver faster operator websites and higher quality regardless of the region.

For the U.S. market, BetConstruct has two more upcoming games, March Madness and Predictor. Both are games of chance created specifically for football lovers.

For more information, visit betconstruct.com.

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