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Development Help

PRODUCT: Product Development Solutions • CONSULTANT: DiMonte Group

Development Help

Since 1996, DiMonte Group has been working behind the scenes with gaming hardware manufacturers to invent and develop new and unique products for the casino floor.

The 26-person team specializes in creating manufacturable solutions to complex problems, designing unique products like video gaming terminals, slot machine cabinets with articulating mechanisms, deck shuffling technology, smart RFID chip trays, and table game camera systems for security and bet recognition.

DiMonte succeeds by asking the right questions: What are your underlying business goals? Do you have any manufacturing restrictions? When are your deadlines?

They apply their broad experience to every project. A cool trick that worked on a toaster also works in manufacturing playing cards. Rocket equations can be used to reverse-engineer a tranquilizer dart. A component from a battery tester can help to detect hearing issues in newborn children. Experience adds up quickly when seasoned designers innovate under one roof, and this non-linear thinking often leads to patents for the company’s clients.

For reverse engineering, first article inspection, or quality assurance, DiMonte’s advanced 3D laser scanning tools make it easy to measure complex parts with astonishing accuracy. The company’s in-house electrical and software team has connected more things to the internet than can be counted, from quick Arduino prototypes to production-ready PCB layouts, closed-loop controls, user interfaces, or anything in between.

The company’s 10,000-square-foot office and laboratory in the western suburbs of Chicago includes all the tools needed to quickly build and test designs. DiMonte is surrounded by a dense network of manufacturing partners in the Chicago area. With their support and feedback throughout the design and prototyping process, the company is able to move products from concept to production in record time.

With three decades serving the gaming industry, DiMonte Group is small enough to respond quickly and big enough to make it happen.

For more information, call 630-791-8074 or visit

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