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Determined to Win

Kelly Trask Director, Slot Strategy & Performance, SciPlay

Determined to Win

Kelly Trask’s gaming career began in 2009, and her drive has led her to where she is today—director of slot strategy and performance at SciPlay.

Trask began her current role in 2021. She leads slot development and portfolio planning across SciPlay’s mobile apps. Before joining SciPlay, she was at Aristocrat for almost seven years, where she held multiple roles in her tenure, including global manager for the digital portfolio for Aristocrat’s social casino apps.

Trask entered the industry at a young age, and with that came challenges, but that did not stop her from getting to where she wanted to be.

“I was young at the start of my gaming career, and I didn’t always know which direction I wanted to go,” she says. “The biggest challenge for myself is always self-reflection—realizing that the race to the top doesn’t happen overnight, and you must be willing to keep your foot on the gas even when it gets hard. Identifying your strengths and continuing to stay focused on learning while improving those areas should be consistently evaluated.”

For those entering the industry, she advises, “Stay true to who you are and never pretend to be someone you’re not. It took a long time for me to realize that showing up as my true self and leaning in on the skills I’ve mastered is a faster path to gain trust among other leaders, which in time unlocks many more opportunities to grow.”

Trask attributes much of her success to her go-getter mentality, noting, “I’m a New Jersey native and it can be hard to slow me down. At the end of the day, I want to win. A healthy fueled competition is a good thing to have—it will always keep you performing at the top of your game.”

This intrinsic nature has fueled her success. “There’s a fire inside of some of us and if you have it, it’s recognized. Always stay curious, keep asking the hard questions, and never let the fear of failure stop you from taking a step forward.”

When asked if she had mentors or sponsors that helped her navigate the industry, she explains that she had several. “From the very first day of my gaming career, I had a circle of women leaders who wanted to help me reach my goals. Having the support from others who have either been where you are or currently sit where you want to be is such an incredible part of growing. Whether it be how I show up at my job, at home as a wife or mom, or friend to others, a circle or tribe of those who believe in you will always keep you accountable for achieving greatness at your full potential.”

She also notes how in her current role, she is surrounded by like-minded people who lift her up. “The team that surrounds me every day truly lifts me up, we champion each other’s successes, and we want to win, together.”

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