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DEQ Installs EZ Baccarat, Tracking System

Table game side-bet producer DEQ Systems Corp. announced that the company has installed 52 “EZ Baccarat” side-bet systems along with “EZ Trak” wagering and accounting systems in California’s card rooms, bringing the total installations in the market to 104.

EZ Baccarat eliminates the commission in baccarat, adding a 40-1 payoff for the Dragon 7 (three-card total of seven). The EZ Trak system allows for automated payoffs and accounting.

“The California card rooms have been very quick to adopt this time- and cost-effective operating system for baccarat,” aid Moe Mostashari, president & CEO of 21st Century Gaming, the exclusive California distributor for the products. “We are very proud to be the exclusive distributor for EZ Baccarat and EZ Trak in the California card rooms, and the initial rollout is a great start to the growth of these two cutting-edge products in this market. Some of the key advantages of EZ Trak are the automation with the different electronic shoes available, as well as the multiple scoring methods according to the local preferences. These and other patented and exclusive features are much appreciated by the card rooms and the players.”