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Definitive Table Management

Product: WinPOS-M with WIGOSManufacturer: Win Systems

Definitive Table Management

Win Systems has launched the WinPOS-M, a cutting-edge solution that will make the life of the pit boss a lot easier.

The WinPOS-M is a two-in-one terminal that can be used either as a portable device, with the mobility and simplicity of a tablet, or as a traditional desktop POS attached to the docking station.

The WinPOS-M offers a lot of advantages over its competitors: it allows the pit boss to move freely around the casino floor with a lightweight but fully equipped tool, complete with a magnetic card reader, a bar-code scanner and a built-in thermal printer. On the other hand, when used as a desktop POS, the docking station provides support, integrated battery charging and additional ports, and it takes up only a small area of the table.

The WinPOS-M runs the WIGOS Table Management module, a powerful software with a user-friendly interface, optimized for touch devices, that allows a pit boss to track player activity on the table, including player identification, current bet amount, chip buy-in, pausing and resuming play sessions, opening and closing the table and more. The operator can even swipe player cards using the WinPOS-M integrated card reader to identify players, and award them loyalty points directly at the table, based on multiple configurable criteria.

The WinPOS-M and the WIGOS Table Management module have been specifically designed to work together, speeding up the data entry process and allowing a pit boss to keep track of multiple tables at once with ease.

The system also allows the operator to get detailed reports on table activity, track all cash and chip movements to and from tables, tweak the table configuration to needs (set up table speed, minimum and maximum bet, table design and more), and get valuable statistical information with reliability, speed and security.

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