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Deal Or No Deal Join 'N Play 2

Spielo International

Deal Or No Deal Join 'N Play 2

This is a new version of the game that has been one of Spielo’s franchise players since its original introduction under the Atronic brand in Europe—it was introduced in the U.S. after the American version of the popular game show, based on a basic gambling feature, debuted on NBC in 2005 starring host Howie Mandell.

The central feature of the game show has remained relatively unchanged in the slot machine through all its incarnations. Called the “Briefcase Bonus,” the feature allows the player to pick one of a group of briefcases. The values of all the briefcases are revealed, but not which amount is in which case. The player then selects a briefcase or briefcases to open, permitting a rough estimate of the values in the remaining hidden cases, including the player’s.

The “Banker” then makes the player an offer for his briefcase, and the player can accept the guaranteed bonus—making it a “Deal”—or reject it with “No Deal.” The process is then repeated, with subsequent offers adjusted according to the likely value of the remaining hidden cases, until either the player accepts a deal or is left holding the only briefcase.

This newest version of the game is the second entry of the community-style Briefcase Bonus, in which all players in the bank who have earned 18 “Qualifier Cases” participate in the common bonus event. The Community Bonus, which occurs randomly during base-game play, is guaranteed to hit at least every eight minutes.

Other bonus features in the new version include the “Banker’s Offer,” a miniature version of the Briefcase Bonus with only one round of offers; and the “Take Or Risk” bonus, in which the player is presented a briefcase and an offer, and can take the offer or risk opening a mystery briefcase for more or less money.

The “Build Your Win” bonus presents the player with three briefcases, each hiding a single digit. The player strategically places each digit on a five-digit field to create the biggest win possible.

These events involving the briefcases and offers are accompanied by a free-spin bonus in which eight free games are awarded at a 2X multiplier, and the “Best Deal Bonus,” in which the player chooses from five different amounts offered by the Banker for what they feel is the “Best Deal.” Both of these events award credits and “Qualifier Cases” toward qualifying for the Community Bonus.

Manufacturer: Spielo International
Platform: Sensys Ep
Format: Five-reel, 50-line video slot
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 250
Top Award: 10,000 credits times line bet
Hit Frequency: 30.4%, 30.7%
Theoretical Hold: 5.97%—14.05%