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Deal Or No Deal: In It To Win It


Deal Or No Deal: In It To Win It

This is the latest in GTECH’s franchise collection of slot games based on the U.S. version of the popular game show Deal Or No Deal, featuring host Howie Mandell. Like other “Deal” games, the central bonus replicates the central contestant round of the game show—a collection of briefcases is displayed; a list of cash prizes is shown which go into anonymous briefcases; the player selects a briefcase. Then, the player selects briefcases to open, revealing the prizes, and tries to gauge the chances among the prize amounts that are left. The “Banker” makes an offer based on the average of what’s left in the hidden briefcases. The player selects “Deal” to accept the offer or “No Deal” to decline and open more briefcases.

The process repeats itself until the player accepts a deal or there is only one briefcase left. The offers get smaller or larger according to the value of the remaining prizes.

However, this newest version of the theme, called “Deal Or No Deal: In It To Win It,” is distinctly different than its predecessors. It has a complete package of diverse bonus events to go with the Briefcase bonus, and it adds a wealth of new wrinkles to that basic theme.

The presentation is still in a community-style game on a giant LCD facing the individual machines. The player chooses between two base games, titled “Howie” for the host and “The Ladies” for Mandell’s beautiful assistants on the show. Graphics and reel symbols change according to the choice.

The players qualify as “contestants” in the bonus with a small number of spins—the screen follows how many spins are left to qualify.

Each base game has its own collection of special features and bonuses, including various random wild symbol additions, a community wheel bonus for which players qualify by increased wagers; and picking or free-spin bonuses in which the players who wager the most win the most.

Additionally, during each base game, the player can earn “Bonus Enhancers” for the main Briefcase Bonus. When that hits, players can use the Enhancers earned—such as a sneak peek at the contents of a briefcase or playing the entire bonus with two cases as your own. This element changes the nature of the bonus, prompting some to stay in longer and press the “No Deal” button more times.

Manufacturer: GTECH
Platform: ProdiGi Vu
Format: Five-reel, 30-line video slot
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 250, 500
Top Award: 4,000 credits times multiplier
Hit Frequency: 31.59%
Theoretical Hold: 3.92%—12.06%

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