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Data, Simplified

Product: QuickFindManufacturer: DataSpade

Data, Simplified

DataSpade has introduced QuickFind, a new CRM dashboard software solution that enables player’s clubs, hosts and marketing departments to access on-demand player data under one simplified software solution.

Ready for use on PC or mobile devices, casino employees can access player information on the fly and update important account details. QuickFind is simple to install and use, and is easily accessible via a web browser.

Users can assign hosts, identify high-end patrons, view player points earned and check player statistics for comping decisions—all on demand.

QuickFind creates a simple, unifed and intuitive interface that can be used in sync with all gaming departments to retrieve player data as needed in real time. Hosts can research and identify quality players, past due and new players, quick-loss players and decliners.

Hosts’ notes and actions can also be accessed by the player’s club and marketing department. Marketing can check player information for direct mail conflict resolutions and identify high-end patrons to assign hosts. Players club officials can check notes on players, tier statuses and points earned.

QuickFind also allows gaming departments to create and run top-level gaming summaries, and has many different reporting options to choose from for all gaming activity. These reports can be automatically generated once the criteria are selected, and easily exported when compiled.

QuickFind is a base software solution that can be customizable on a per-client need for additional plug-ins and/or functions for reports.

For more information, visit or email [email protected]

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