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Data Power

Product: CasinoEdge Powered by Intacct, Manufacturer: Joseph Eve CPAs

Data Power

Casinos sometimes waste resources in the most unlikely of places. Process and workflow inefficiencies are two examples. They don’t appear on financial reports, and are often overlooked in budget meetings; however, inefficiencies from antiquated IT solutions can be a constant drain on a casino’s budget.

Joseph Eve CPAs’ advanced CasinoEdge powered by Intacct enables modernized accounting, reporting procedures and strong controls which create a lean workforce, visibility and insight, empowering operators to make better decisions.

CasinoEdge combines the power of Intacct cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) with Joseph Eve’s decades of casino expertise. While most legacy casino systems were designed before modern technologies (like the internet, smartphones and tablets), CasinoEdge was created in the age of the cloud. It is built to allow financial and operational metrics to be sliced in any number of relevant ways. Stakeholders throughout the organization can then better understand their programs and areas of responsibility, helping them to make improved strategic decisions.

CasinoEdge is the first and only cloud-based ERP tailored specifically for the gaming environment. It helps casinos increase efficiencies, reduce costs, empower better decision-making and reduce errors. CasinoEdge modernizes the back office and enables daily flash reporting from any device, streamlined revenue audit posting, automated processes, and management of multiple properties.

All financial processes are mobile-enabled, meaning purchases, bill payments, check requests and employee expenses can be approved from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, casinos can easily scale their ERP with ease as they add facilities without adding head count.

Specifically, the software enables:

• Electronic purchasing and purchase approvals from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone);

• Better decision-making utilizing user-friendly on-demand reports and dashboards that pair operational data with financial data for any defined time period; and,

• Increased accuracy through a revenue audit and posting process that is simple, more automated, less error-prone, and consistent across all three properties.

Casinos using the CasinoEdge solution have reported ROIs as great as 222 percent, along with costs of ownership that are as much as 63 percent less than the solution being replaced.

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