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Data Picture

Product: CDI GlobalSuite, Manufaturer: Casino Data Imaging

Data Picture

Casino Data Imaging’s CDI GlobalSuite graphical imaging platform provides a visualization of key analysis points in connection with business intelligence soiftware. The new platofrm uses the latest Microsopgt technologies to provide dynamic 2D and 3D images on a graphical interface.

According to the company, the  2D perspective adds a unique dimension for graphical analysis by opening up definable multi-point financial color coding and text information displays. For those that require a higher definition view, optional 3D views for configuration and performance analysis adds another diension.

GlobalSuite (GS) vrovides a 100 percent graphical representation of the casino floor in an actionable and user-friendly format. The platform contains dynamic dashboards with a control panel that displays “at-a-glance” gaming performance information as well as the percentage of increase/decrease over the previous year’s performance. The initial dashboard panels display various daily, weekly, monthly and yearly trends that are date-sensitive and pegged to a slider bar which updates each panel display by changing the analysis date range.

 Users can drill down into various child dashboards to gain a more detailed understanding of which key indicators have had a measurable impact on game performance. The GS dashboard was built from the ground up by CDI engineers, and is thus not dependent upon third-party providers. It embraces Data Mart and OLAP cube technology, enabling the end user to interactively analyze multi-dimensional data from multiple perspectives, facilitating more actionable analysis.

Casino enterprises that have already invested in their own reporting environments but are missing, for example, graphical or dashboard component,s can take advantage of GlobalSuite’s modularity and license the missing pieces.

Other features include “Quick View” and “Dynamic Pivot Analysis,” which provide instant analysis information while reviewing a floor financial color coding or query. More detailed information and trending can easily be accessed by clicking the pivot option.

For more information, visit the company’s website at


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