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Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Dealer’s Assistant
MANUFACTURER: Gaming Partners International

Beaune, France-based Gaming Partners International has bridged the gap between purely automatic, dealer-less poker tables and the traditional tables, allowing casinos to take advantage of new technology that allows for faster, more efficient games, while not losing the personal interaction between dealers and players.

GPI’s RFIDPoker Table, which utilizes the Texas Hold ‘Em RFID Poker Reader, created something of a stir when it was first introduced at Casino La Siesta in Antibes, France. Just a few months earlier it had been a star at the Global Gaming Expo trade show.

At the casino, GPI installed two fully loaded RFIDPoker tables, equipped with readers that can detect up to 600 125KHz RFID chips, connected through Ethernet to a central database.

The radio frequency technology automatically reads the poker pot at a rate of 25 chips per second. It keeps a constant tab on the size of the pot, which can be displayed on a screen as one option that is available with the product. The size of the pot is always known.

The system automatically performs game analysis, and generates reports and statistics of daily totals from all of the tables using it. The casino manager can quickly learn total poker charges and the total win of the day, and gauge the performance of individual tables.

Because the dealer does not have to manually count the chips, there are fewer mistakes and the dealer has more time to interact with players and make payouts. GPI estimates that play speed increases 30 percent.

Casino La Siesta reported that it seemed to work transparently. There was no interference with card shuffling and players didn’t notice any difference, except, perhaps, that the games were a little faster. Dealers and players gave the system a thumbs up, according to the casino management.

The GPI system can be fitted to an existing poker table. Its unobtrusive antenna is concealed under the table layout, providing constant errorless updates. The data is sent to a small PC screen, which dealer and players can monitor.

For more information, contact GPI at +33 (0) 380 26 26 26 in France or 702-384-2425 in the U.S.; or visit the company’s website at

Short and Sweet
PRODUCT: Long Stretched LCD

Holland’s Signs4U recently premiered a new kind of LCD, the “Long Stretched LCD,” at the International Casino Exhibition. The feature that sets this LCD apart is its height. It is the normal 28-inch, 32-inch, 38-inch or 42-inch width, but the height is half that of a standard LCD.

Casinos with low ceilings will find this useful, although they can be deployed anywhere in the casino where height is an issue. It can also be used for table games, replacing the LED displays on roulette tables that show the drawn numbers.

Because the technology is the same as other types of LCD, no extra tools or hardware is required. It is installed using regular wall brackets, as you would other signage. If used on a roulette table, it is a matter of exchanging the screen and connecting it with the media player that is used for displaying numbers from the last draws of the wheel.

It will also be possible to do impressive animation at the roulette table and even use a live camera to show the wheel in action, combined with numbers drawn in the last spins.

Previously, casinos with low ceiling heights could not have large LCD displays, causing higher jackpot amounts to be displayed in very small numbers. With this display, casinos can still use the larger fonts.

The flexibility in size, says the manufacturer, will allow the house to use the LCD for all of its media content, and enable it to replace older signage with LCD displays.

For more information, call Signs4U at +31 (0)318-506610, or visit the company’s website at