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Customizing Promotion

Product: PromoNet Couponing SolutionManufacturer: FutureLogic, Inc.

Customizing Promotion

With non-gaming revenue becoming more important to casino resorts and complexes, linking reward programs across multiple leisure experiences, as well as casino floors, has become an important initiative for marketers. FutureLogic’s template-based PromoNet promotional couponing solution allows casinos to design and manage a wide range of promotional campaigns from the convenience of a workstation PC, turning ordinary slot tickets into eye-catching coupons.

The PromoNet couponing solution offers casinos the ability to recognize and reward both carded and non-carded players by automatically triggering marketing campaigns based on real-time game play metrics and player tracking information. This allows casino marketers to issue a coupon at the game, POS or HBE (hospitality, beverage, entertainment) location to identify, differentiate and interact with their most valuable players, even if they do not use a players club card.

FutureLogic’s PromoNet promotional couponing solution can be integrated with TITO gaming printers, such as FutureLogic’s GEN3 Evolution printer and the GEN2 Universal printer. The PromoNet solution’s promotional campaigns can be downloaded via a secure network to the slot floor, players club, restaurants, hotels and shops, providing an integrated couponing solution across the entire operation.

Couponing triggers can be based on a number of different events such as games played, amount wagered, time on machine, maximum bet percentage, etc.; and because the process can be fully automated, promotional campaigns run 24/7 with no additional resources. Business analytics applications can monitor the success and return of individual couponing campaigns, which enables operators to identify which promotions are the most popular and to customize them to reward their most valuable players.

For casinos that prefer a host-assisted solution, coupons may be generated by a casino host through the use of a smart phone or tablet device. For players, these customized offers provide valued savings and incentives.

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