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Custom Surveillance

PRODUCT: Video System Integration, MANUFACTURER: North American Video

Custom Surveillance

Video surveillance installations designed and deployed by North American Video deliver the benefit of NAV’s specific gaming market expertise and product knowledge. With the key objectives of risk mitigation, loss prevention and compliance, NAV customizes each system with the technologies and products that meet the needs of customers while improving efficiency. For gaming installations, performance specifications must be designed to ensure compliance with strict jurisdictional regulations, defining required parameters including frame rates, retention time and surveillance coverage.

Further, integration with other casino applications including access control, perimeter security, license plate recognition, car counting, people counting and retail point-of sale (POS) systems delivers enhanced operational benefits for casino operators, improving ROI.

Expert planning and deployment of a video surveillance system greatly improves the user experience with multiple ease-of-use benefits. For example, a graphical or logical layout interface is more intuitive than having to memorize monitor and camera numbers.

Simplified user interfaces also enable more effective use of monitors and monitor walls, and can prevent operators from missing events. Multi-view displays, in conjunction with high-definition monitors, provide the capability for enhanced surveillance of gaming tables, cash cages and other highly sensitive areas within the casino. IP systems also have the ability to present live video and play back archived video on the same monitor, enabling more timely investigation of suspicious gaming table activity.

Beyond design and implementation, NAV provides expert guidance regarding repair or replacement, assists security and IT staff with budgeting and provides predictable costs for support and maintenance through a single contract. As new products and technologies come to market, the experienced system integrator can help assess the benefits for the casino. This helps users stay ahead of changing business conditions or compliance/regulatory issues.

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