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Currency Control

Product: PPM Advance, Manufacturer: MEI

Currency Control

MEI has released the next generation of its “PPM,” or portable programming module, that simplifies the download of necessary updates to its currency-handling systems, such as the SC Advance note acceptor. PPM Advance provides new functionality to technicians and reduces overall cost to operators, according to the company.

Enhancements to the PPM followed the same script as the SC note acceptor. Whereas the PPM was a one-button flash tool, the PPM Advance is a portable version of MEI’s STS (support and test systems) software. The PPM Advance features a display screen and menu navigation buttons to allow operators to perform:

• fast and easy in-field updates for currency data;

• configuration data and software;

• performance diagnostics; and,

• audit data reporting. 

PPM Advance features include increased memory to store multiple variant firmware, along with the ability to function under multiple languages. Operators also will have the ability to label firmware for individual needs, which, as an example, could be used for OEM-specific identification.

The PPM Advance can also sense the host unit—whether it is Cashflow SC or SC advance—and ensures the right software is downloaded. Operators no longer have to update their slot floor separately, freeing up resources and creating labor savings.

Additionally, the PPM Advance can be configured to offer an upgrade to Bluetooth functionality with phones and tablets on the Android platform. Operators will now be able to remotely download software from their secured internet/intranet locations as well as add Easitrax Soft Count asset numbers.

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