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Couponing Plus

Product: PromoNet Bank Couponing Solution Manufacturer: FutureLogic, Inc.

Couponing Plus

Casino operators looking at promotional couponing to help identify and reward their most valuable customers (carded or not) can use FutureLogic’s PomoNet solution, which is fast becoming a choice for casinos around the world. For casinos considering promotional couponing for the first time, FutureLogic offers the PromoNet Bank introductory solution.

With no network, server or IT infrastructure requirements, the PromoNet Bank solution can be up and running at a bank of slots within hours, giving operators the means to allocate budgets, design coupons, select trigger marketing conditions, and manually upload promotions and download issuance and redemption data to an entire bank of slots using a USB flash drive.

Once uploaded into a bank, coupons are issued automatically from the slots based on game-play behavior that meets pre-set conditions. Players can then redeem the coupons at the relevant location. This solution personalizes the player’s experience by allowing them to redeem, exchange or accumulate coupons, or to proceed through game play according to the casino’s rewards program.

Key benefits include:
• Promotional couponing for banks of slots
• Run couponing on up to 20 slot machines per bank
• Target hot/cold areas, jackpots, tournaments, and penny slots
• Designed for expedited deployment; casinos can get up and running within hours
• Promotions, issuance data, and redemption activity is handled with a USB flash drive
• No Network, Server, or IT Infrastructure Needed
• Create Promotions Using Programmable Triggers
• Set up issuance triggers including date, time of day, length of play, wagering/win/loss/cash-out amount, and number of games played
• Assign campaign budget (total value) and throttle (frequency of issue)
• Identify and reward most valuable players
• Linked to game play, triggers can be set to identify and reward various player profiles
• Issue coupons “instantly”
• Once a trigger is met, proprietary technology issues coupons instantly (before customer walks away)
• Boosts member sign-up
• Increase player club membership through sign-up promotions
• Closed loop system
• PromoNet’s Redemption Terminal and built-in business analytics tool combine to provide much-needed performance measurements for ROI calculations

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